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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A FRESH CALL to the society.

A FRESH CALL to the society.

We women, let us keep ourself in the greatest position like we are Adi ParaShakthi/Anna Poorani, (Hindu Goddess) as we are feeding the hunger of our family and community on every day basis. (Any type of Hunger) Think TWICE why should we feel POWERLESS even at times or OCCASIONALLY?

Let us honor ourself for the willingness to respect and worship womanhood along with enjoyment and ALWAYS find ourself POWERFUL henceforth

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Journey from mild depression to enlightenment

For those who have been mildly depressed, the chances of getting enlightened is higher than the rest, according to my opinion. Lower the levels of androgen or estrogen, the chances of getting  enlightened is higher. Again my opinion. Most humans think body is power. It is not. Conquering body and realising the formless dimension is greater power. Enlightened people have conquered the body. This is my experience not just opinion. Once enlightened, one can shut off and on the body at will. One can raise or lower androgen or estrogen at will. So any of you going through this post had concerns on your hormones level, take note of this fact and celebrate heaven within you!
Praying for enlightenment for as many as possible in 2014. Wish you all a happy 2014.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Operating from your strength

Identifying one's strength and operating from there with courage can move mountains. Courage is not synonymous with impoliteness. You have to remind yourself, while dealing with courage with formal superiors, not to be impolite.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Adults missing basic wisdom

How many adults live without the completion of basic wisdom for an adult? Ten Thousand? One Million? Will they be able to complete? Will God in them give a helping hand in this season? Will these adults get the wisdom for being responsible for the missing basic wisdom?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Goodbye to day-to-day relationship stress

Want to be advaitic?
I believe every human can feel the advaitic experience through intense meditation. He/she can  start experiencing every other person is part of him/her. I have a beginner's experience in this aspect. As a result, I feel powerful, motherly, and seeing new type of silence within me.

I even feel the strength of 10 men and one elephant all at once! and no more relationship stress!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shortest route to eternal Joy

Shiva and Shakthi are making a drama. Shiva and Shakthi agree that Shakthi will take human birth in multitude of women suffering, most of them deeply praying to Shiva. One fine morning, Shiva meets them and liberates them.

Shiva started Adam and Eve as a play. But it ended up in chaos then and there. God takes human birth and fixes the chaos from time to time.

God reminds a section of the human beings about their connection with God, that they themself are God and those who realised this, stand as a pillar of support for all the suffering creepers.

God is witnessing people in joy and peace as well as the people who are crying. Shakthi embraces the crying people. That is her nature.

So from now on, consider praying for the whole family of human beings when you visit temples. If you merge with divine, very soon, you will be fine just praying for the world family. There will be no need for praying for your biological family seperately.

Om Nama Shivaya.