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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whatever be it I will shine by God's grace

Manam Pithaanaalum Murugan Arulaal Muthaavaen (Tamil Anthological phrase) viz - a viz
Whatever be it I will shine by God's grace

I planted in the same soil two identically labelled EggPlant plants bought from the same nursery at the same time, One grew fertile, and beared many many eggplants all bright and easily visible. The other one grew noticeably less fertile and beared only a couple of big eggplants not that bright in color. Obviously people who visited my garden focused more on the fertile one, although they took note of the two big eggplants on the other plant.

I cooked all the egg plants and served as part of the feast to my visitors. I was surprised to hear the comments from my guests on the two eggplant recipes. "Hey what a wonder your big eggplant recipe tastes unique and awesome as compared to the other recipe you made with the bright eggplants"

What this triggers in me is the thought that God planted many many psychiatric patients just as I planted the less fertile eggplant plant. The sea of psychiatric patients share a somewhat duller life, duller poise but many of them have their inner beauty dormant. The world gives them a helping hand all along until that day comes when they can truly admire the true beauty in those little human beings.

Every child born in this world is meant to shine. Some shine. Some don't. Some shine purely based on the mercy of others. A child that learns to see
God in others will undoubtedly shine.

I wish the following conversations echo on the walls of many many psychiatric clinics.

Hey I am happy you won't come and visit me again, since you are all set to live on your own, without my help
Yes I am happy to say that the cure is because I learned to absorb the immense love of people around me. Please remind your ongoing patients on the existence of this immense love factor.

Putting it in another way, any psychiatric patient can hope: "Whatever be it, I will shine by God's grace. Universal love is the key for me to shine"