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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Introduction to Healing System

Our body has an inherent healing system. Our body strives to achieve equilibrium or a healed state constantly. Disease and illness are only temporary deviations from normalcy. If you see when a burn occurs how healing occurs automatically with skin changing and later becoming normal skin. In the same way, the body can heal itself for anything, provided we help the healing system to do its job. There are certain things like poor eating habits, lack of exercise, negative thinking, drinking less water, overwork lack of enough sleep and rest that hinders the healing system from acting. Negative thinking would include things like worrying, fearing, hating, self pitying and finding fault in others and similar things. Things that aid the healing system to function good are healthy eating habits, good sleep and rest, having alonetime each day, relaxing routine, stretching, exercise, play, connecting with people, good social skills and the like. All you need to do when you are feeling uncomfortable is do the things that will help the healing system, and the rest of recovery will be taken care by the healing system.
I have seen this practically in my life.

Saturday, December 25, 2010







Withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms can be terrific. The original problem could be a simple abnormality. But after being given drugs, taking away the drugs can result in serious trouble in many cases. Drugs have to be tapered very carefully by a psychiatrist and follow up during and after drug withdrawal is crucial. Many can experience in high magnitude the ill effects of withdrawal including imagining and believing in unreal things. So follow up is absolutely necessary.

In my case since I stopped follow up during the teenage ended up living mildly depressed for major part of my lifetime. I pray others don't end up the same. Hence I request all teenagers to regard this post with your full attention.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Quiz for depressed teenagers

1. People around you wants to help you. Do you think it is true?

2. You are still a child and it is not your fault that you are having issues. Do you believe in this?

3. Life is not miserable even if you don't accomplish? Do you believe in that?

4. Life is not miserable if your parents comment negatively on you . Do you believe that?

5. Doing the things you like keeps you calmer and healthy? Are you aware of this?

6. You shouldn't be loosing your self esteem just because you have issues? DO you know that?

If you answer Yes or True for most of these questions then you are good to go and shine out there.

Don't feel bad and succeed

Don't feel bad for you are having issues. Often times the most intelligent gets these problems. It is all due to how our genes are made up of and that in turn dictates our thought patterns. Our own thought patterns are responsible for where we are now. We have to wisely choose our destiny. Though our genes make us think in a certain way, by conscious efforts we can learn to think in a different way that will be good for our health. Be aware of the great potential each one of us have and always see the
good within yourself and others. For all unfavorable things that happen around just be a passive observer, don't make any judgements or do any labelling. Do deep breathing exercises that will give you positive thinking. Wish you good luck for success

Teenage depression can cause serious twists for some

Teenage is the onset of wisdom and happiness for most; yet there are enough number of teenagers falling into the trap of depression. Teenagers who suffered clinical depression might have ongoing depression for most part of their life, the reason being there is no one good solution to be mentioned as a cure. If they are lucky, the depression could last for a temporary period and they are back on track soon. This post is to help teenagers who have undergone depression or going through depression.

Dear teenagers,
Please understand life is sometimes discouraging and disappointing. But by being hopeless, or entering the worries or disappointment cycle or for that matter, getting into the cycle of negative thoughts is going to rob the great happy moments that nature has bestowed on every human being. Try to understand life is to live with imperfections in terms of others doing fraudulent activities, harming and insulting. The best example is a parent could insult you by accusing, critisizing and so on. But understand that they don't do it on purpose. They have their own limitations and they do out of circumstances. Always develop a habit of
positive thinking and an attitude of come what may. Whatever comes across, be content with that. Try to realise your talents, strengths, love for others and remember these are your power points. It is always better to realise earlier than realising after several years like me. I was literally talking to myself as "Life's circumstances are unfavorable to me for several years. Please don't do the same mistake as me. Never blame circumstances, What it matters is how we take the external things that happens to us. Take anything lightly and take responsibility for your actions that start from thoughts. Understand the world around you loves you though it looks as though people are not loving. Read self-help books,
consult doctor if necessary, but more than the doctor, it is your attitude that can help you. Wish you good luck!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ten commandments for the sufferers

Do not let your self esteem dip down
Understand no one else could have harmed you by accepting the fact that someone did their best at that time
Do not blame the circumstances
Forgive and forget
Take things lightly.

Remember the peace should come from within, not from outside
Realise the self in you
Understand you have the capacity to serve the needy
Pray God to give you the cure and energy to serve others

Love yourself
See the good in others and you
Do not forget the love of others around you
Do the things you liked to do as a child

Smell the things you liked to do as a child
Hear the music you liked to hear as a child
Do all of this and verify you got peace!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

About psychiatric patients

What people know about psychiatric patients:

In general the majority of the people think psychiatric patients have some issues or other that they cannot be normal and sometimes violent, and many times dull and inefficient or confused.

What probably people don't know or not constantly aware of:
The hardships the patient goes through
The hardship the patient's family goes through
The nature of treatments and the risks involved.

Why do people become psychiatric patients?
There may be no one cause but a combination of factors.(genetic, environmental,
personality, lifestyle). Acute illness may be due to loss of family member or other major losses. Chronic illness is having issues to some degree existing for a major portion of the life. Neurotic illness is based on a specific event that happened but psychotic illness is due to no specific reason. It is hard to find and treat the latter.

What is the problem with treatment?
Treatment can greatly help but can worsen the issues due to delicate effects of drugs on brain. For example, drugs administered for depression in the case of a patient with potential for bipolar depression(mania) can trigger the more serious bipolar depression which otherwise might remain dormant. Treatment can cause an entire range of sideeffects. The most prominent is it slows down the thinking and motor skills. The drugs administered in the 1970's and 1980's induced day time sleep spreading over the entire day. The drugs impair other functions including sexual function. It lowers the sex drive.


Stigma is how others look at people with mental illness.

Stigma may be obvious and direct, such as someone making a negative remark about one's mental health condition or one's treatment. Or it can be subtle, such as someone assuming one could be violent or dangerous because one has a mental health condition. These and other forms of stigma can lead to feelings of anger, frustration, shame and low self-esteem — as well as discrimination at work, school and in other areas of one's life. For someone with a mental illness, the consequences of stigma can be devastating.

Coping up

In addition, the fact that one is undergoing treatment and mental illness can cause tampering of self image, low self esteem and low self confidence to mention a few. So coping up might be a real challenge especially if the problem had started as early in the adolescence.


Faith, involvement in spiritual thoughts, a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits, exercise, being connected with family and friends, understanding the concept of Universal love along with drugs can ultimately cure the patient. The thinking
ability of the patient could then be directed towards fruitful results.