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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Operating from your strength

Identifying one's strength and operating from there with courage can move mountains. Courage is not synonymous with impoliteness. You have to remind yourself, while dealing with courage with formal superiors, not to be impolite.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Adults missing basic wisdom

How many adults live without the completion of basic wisdom for an adult? Ten Thousand? One Million? Will they be able to complete? Will God in them give a helping hand in this season? Will these adults get the wisdom for being responsible for the missing basic wisdom?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Goodbye to day-to-day relationship stress

Want to be advaitic?
I believe every human can feel the advaitic experience through intense meditation. He/she can  start experiencing every other person is part of him/her. I have a beginner's experience in this aspect. As a result, I feel powerful, motherly, and seeing new type of silence within me.

I even feel the strength of 10 men and one elephant all at once! and no more relationship stress!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shortest route to eternal Joy

Shiva and Shakthi are making a drama. Shiva and Shakthi agree that Shakthi will take human birth in multitude of women suffering, most of them deeply praying to Shiva. One fine morning, Shiva meets them and liberates them.

Shiva started Adam and Eve as a play. But it ended up in chaos then and there. God takes human birth and fixes the chaos from time to time.

God reminds a section of the human beings about their connection with God, that they themself are God and those who realised this, stand as a pillar of support for all the suffering creepers.

God is witnessing people in joy and peace as well as the people who are crying. Shakthi embraces the crying people. That is her nature.

So from now on, consider praying for the whole family of human beings when you visit temples. If you merge with divine, very soon, you will be fine just praying for the world family. There will be no need for praying for your biological family seperately.

Om Nama Shivaya.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Intimate relationship with God. Fantasy or reality?

How to start an intimate relationship with God? All you need is a deep desire and prayer to see Him. There is a child in all of us. If we connect with the child in us, and then through that child, pray deeply to God to see Him, he will reveal himself for sure. Regardless of the amount of time you took, when you see Him, you become Him, and no amount of gratitude balance his grace, the best possible expression of gratitude, in my opinion  is to join hands with Him in His mission.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dilute your anger with spirituality and discharge anger with enlightenment

Anger is not because how your spouse or dad or child hurts you or behaves, it is because of the fact as human being you developed anger for the first time at some point in your early childhood. Many think anger cannot be eradicated in one self. But the reality is there is a possibility. In my understanding, the smartest one is who gives life to this possibility as well as the possibility of eradicating fear, greed.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do not feel Powerless! Regain your innate strength

Powerlessness is the cause of all conflicts. Because of powerlessness arises confusion, frustration,anger and the like. I have heard that small kids living in the presence of an enlightened master maintain powerlessness amidst any situation.

I am trying to develop the habit of not feeling powerless in any situation day-to-day or life circumstances. Some of the things where I felt powerless day-to-day :
-Had to struggle to be competent in the job
-Had to struggle doing all job and family responsibilities

Although feeling powerless is only during a small fraction of the day, it did block me from acting from my full potential. I discovered that feeling powerless had started from childhood, and have been hanging around in me until now. In a way I had understood myself to be highly mouldable even as an adult. I believe I will be able to successfully remould me as someone who will not feel powerless at any situation. Thinking myself as one of those kids in the presence of enlightened master, I am able to do this.


Root pattern identification and freedom from conflicts

Why are we confused or irritated at times? Don't  you think that is due to conflicts we face in our mind? Where do these conflicts arise from? Recently, I discovered the reasons for the conflicts in my life, traced back to my early childhood. I discovered the reasons by living in the presence of enlightened master Sri NIthyananda Swami close to a month.

I have made the choice of confusion and imagining when I was overwhelmed by a situation when I was 4.5 years o;d. I think I was scared by an adult's stare towards me when I was constantly watching him play an instrument, in a wedding hall. I was scared enough that I started looking for my mom. When I could not find her I started crying. I was confused why the life situation is like this, and imagined I have lost my mom once and for all. This imagination had been mainly due to the stressful moment making me unaware. Later in life also in conflicting situations, I have imagined several things. In those situations, I was not aware and felt powerless and hence the imagination. Now while looking back, reliving the situation, I looked at me as a child, inside a mirror; With the help of my awareness today about the original situation, I soothed the child inside the mirror, that only because of lack of awareness, I have chosen confusion and imagination, whereas the reality is my mom was there in the next hall, and I could have reached her just figuring the way I landed in the adjacent hall.

Today, I feel responsible for my confusing and imagining nature(during times of heavy conflict). With this attitude of feeling responsible for everything in my life, I relived another conflicting situation that happened when I was 16. With that exercise, I could convert the experience of danger, confusion and imagination to a very pleasant, greatly rewarding experience. It is surprising, how our immature, powerless and unaware mind fails to interpret the reality as it is, and how the interpretation could be even 180 degree opposite to the reality.

This pattern of confusion and imagination is my root pattern, based on which I have developed several patterns of thinking over 40 years of my life, which had been deep rooted in me so far. Fortunately, with my new awareness about my root pattern and the devastating efforts of root pattern in my life, and with these reliving exercises(Kriya) I am able to complete with (drop) my root pattern. I feel tonnes of load relieved from my shoulder, and have a totally new outlook towards life.I am able to enjoy life to a greater extent, and my energy level has raised.

Here is a webinar on root pattern:

If money is not a constraint, please go to innerawakening.org and take the Level 1 course of identifying your root pattern

Another webinar that is very useful to me is Delete suffering and Add Bliss to your life at:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taking responsibility can stop depression

Taking responsibility for everything happening in your life can stop depression

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Techniques for healing yourself

Let us identify some easy techniques for being in the present and enrich our life and other's life as well. We can heal ourself from any kind of mental health issues by being in the present. Enjoy this audio that will show you the techniques.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Being in the present helps stop depression

If you are going through chronic mild depression,  then it is quite possible that your self image is not that good. One of the things you can do to stop
depression is working towards improving your self image. You do not have to hardwork to get there. You might be having a self image that is not reflecting really who you are.

Having a self image based on how we react in our current circumstances rather than how we used to react in the past can help us grow fast and excel in whatever we do as well as help us to lead a contented life. By focussing on this one fact, you can completely stop depression from your present life. Listen to this accompanying audio, which illustrates this concept.

For other methods to stop depression, go through the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpiiyaHII3s

Changing belief set to stop depression

To be able to change one's belief set to accomodate the contemporary world can work wonders

You can stop depression by changing your belief set. For example, if your son refuses to go to school and wastes years, you can change your belief set that things are not always the same. It is OK not to be perfect. Or if you are falling sick in a long illness, you can change your belief set, that it is a passing event and there are lot of ways that life will be easy again soon in future.

To be able to stop depression, in a situation where there is a tendency to get depressed is not that hard. It merely needs a change in belief set and attitude change, In general, you can keep practising changing your belief set dynamically then and there so that in adverse conditions, you can adapt your belief set, such that the situation does not bother you.

To be able to stop depression, you should accept things as they are, and be a passive observer of things happening in life without making any judgement.

For more tips on how to stop depression, please go through the video at

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prevention Of Teenage Depression-Technique 2

By way of exhibiting maturity in parenting teenagers, parents can prevent teenager issues including depression.

The attached audio will explain how a good child and parent relationship will help the children to be successful as an adult. Instead of controlling your children, encourage their independent thinking, teach them wisely why it is important to respect parents and avoid criticising your children especially teenagers. This audio is a narration of my own experience with my daughter

Friday, January 25, 2013

Practice acceptance for healthy living

Acceptance of events in life as they are is essential for healthy living
The accompanying audio discusses how acceptance of events in life is depending on hereditary traits as well as environment, and it takes a long time before most people can realise the benefits of radical acceptance. This audio calls for spreading out the word for radical acceptance for a healthier society.

Panic attack symptoms

Some of the symptoms of panick attack are:
Feeling weak, faint or dizzy, racing heart, breathing difficulties, chest pains and feeling loss of control. These symptoms may be present due to other conditions also. Best is to consult a mental health physician if you are in doubt whether you had a panic attack.
For more details, refer to this website:

For any mental health problem or mental health disorder, it is important to believe that there is no need to become anxious, since there are lot of people to help. By understanding that there are ways to recover, you can feel peaceful. Some people can recover by doing regular meditation. However check with a physician if doing meditation is OK for your specific condition. Inspite of having mental health disorder, you can live a life of content, by counting your blessings, and focussing what all good things have happened in your life.

Take a look at the video at http://www.redeem-depression.com/2013/01/blog-post.html to see how you can feel better by doing something good for the world regardless of your mental health disorder.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Few things that will make you feel better

If you are a parent of a depressed teenager, please take a look at http://www.redeem-depression.com/2012/12/prevention-of-teenage-depression.html to see how you can mitigate the condition.

If you are a depressed teenager or having any kind of mental illness, and if you are taking psychiatric medications, please have continued follow up with the physician for maintaining good mental health. For details, go through http://www.redeem-depression.com/2010/12/withdrawal-symptoms.html

If you are a depressed teenager, take this quiz at http://www.redeem-depression.com/2010/12/quiz-for-depressed-teenagers.html. This will make you feel better.

Learn how to succeed not feeling bad about your situation by going through the links at:

Find out how you can be happy and content irrespective of the life circumstances,  how you can be happy by accepting things as they are and how to live with imperfections without much disappointment at: http://www.redeem-depression.com/2010/12/teenage-depression-can-cause-serious.html

Please take a look at the video, to get well soon at

Friday, January 11, 2013

How to stop depression

You can stop depression by:

Counting your blessings.
Identifying your strengths
Doing  something for the world..
Being proud of yourself
and making the world be proud of you!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pray for others

God is easy to get in touch with.. all it takes is a simple prayer..
God listens to prayers of innocent hearts sooner or later.

In my experience, many psychiatric patients are too innocent to start with or many will become innocent in their life process due to their connection with God.

I have seen great benefits by giving my name to this prayer request.  I recommend you use this service, especially if you are caught up with psychiatric medicines.


Personally, I pray regularly for the sea of psychiatric patients and cancer patients. This act of praying for others blesses me with a noble mind and benefits me in different ways.