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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Few things that will make you feel better

If you are a parent of a depressed teenager, please take a look at http://www.redeem-depression.com/2012/12/prevention-of-teenage-depression.html to see how you can mitigate the condition.

If you are a depressed teenager or having any kind of mental illness, and if you are taking psychiatric medications, please have continued follow up with the physician for maintaining good mental health. For details, go through http://www.redeem-depression.com/2010/12/withdrawal-symptoms.html

If you are a depressed teenager, take this quiz at http://www.redeem-depression.com/2010/12/quiz-for-depressed-teenagers.html. This will make you feel better.

Learn how to succeed not feeling bad about your situation by going through the links at:

Find out how you can be happy and content irrespective of the life circumstances,  how you can be happy by accepting things as they are and how to live with imperfections without much disappointment at: http://www.redeem-depression.com/2010/12/teenage-depression-can-cause-serious.html

Please take a look at the video, to get well soon at

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