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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Do not feel Powerless! Regain your innate strength

Powerlessness is the cause of all conflicts. Because of powerlessness arises confusion, frustration,anger and the like. I have heard that small kids living in the presence of an enlightened master maintain powerlessness amidst any situation.

I am trying to develop the habit of not feeling powerless in any situation day-to-day or life circumstances. Some of the things where I felt powerless day-to-day :
-Had to struggle to be competent in the job
-Had to struggle doing all job and family responsibilities

Although feeling powerless is only during a small fraction of the day, it did block me from acting from my full potential. I discovered that feeling powerless had started from childhood, and have been hanging around in me until now. In a way I had understood myself to be highly mouldable even as an adult. I believe I will be able to successfully remould me as someone who will not feel powerless at any situation. Thinking myself as one of those kids in the presence of enlightened master, I am able to do this.


Root pattern identification and freedom from conflicts

Why are we confused or irritated at times? Don't  you think that is due to conflicts we face in our mind? Where do these conflicts arise from? Recently, I discovered the reasons for the conflicts in my life, traced back to my early childhood. I discovered the reasons by living in the presence of enlightened master Sri NIthyananda Swami close to a month.

I have made the choice of confusion and imagining when I was overwhelmed by a situation when I was 4.5 years o;d. I think I was scared by an adult's stare towards me when I was constantly watching him play an instrument, in a wedding hall. I was scared enough that I started looking for my mom. When I could not find her I started crying. I was confused why the life situation is like this, and imagined I have lost my mom once and for all. This imagination had been mainly due to the stressful moment making me unaware. Later in life also in conflicting situations, I have imagined several things. In those situations, I was not aware and felt powerless and hence the imagination. Now while looking back, reliving the situation, I looked at me as a child, inside a mirror; With the help of my awareness today about the original situation, I soothed the child inside the mirror, that only because of lack of awareness, I have chosen confusion and imagination, whereas the reality is my mom was there in the next hall, and I could have reached her just figuring the way I landed in the adjacent hall.

Today, I feel responsible for my confusing and imagining nature(during times of heavy conflict). With this attitude of feeling responsible for everything in my life, I relived another conflicting situation that happened when I was 16. With that exercise, I could convert the experience of danger, confusion and imagination to a very pleasant, greatly rewarding experience. It is surprising, how our immature, powerless and unaware mind fails to interpret the reality as it is, and how the interpretation could be even 180 degree opposite to the reality.

This pattern of confusion and imagination is my root pattern, based on which I have developed several patterns of thinking over 40 years of my life, which had been deep rooted in me so far. Fortunately, with my new awareness about my root pattern and the devastating efforts of root pattern in my life, and with these reliving exercises(Kriya) I am able to complete with (drop) my root pattern. I feel tonnes of load relieved from my shoulder, and have a totally new outlook towards life.I am able to enjoy life to a greater extent, and my energy level has raised.

Here is a webinar on root pattern:

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