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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spiritual Olympics (figurative) perhaps can drive away your depression.

#‎US‬ Womens' Soccer vs Columbia is OLYMPICS news. Here is our counterpart news. While enjoying Olympics, let us also enjoy Spiritual Olympics.
What do heroes end up gaining during Olympics?. Gold medals.
What do we followers of Nithyananda Swamiji gain after tiny, tiny workshops? Golden experiences, Golden thoughts , Golden feelings.
For me wealth is NOT MONEY alone. Wealth is my awareness to be able to participate in the collective exploration of truth, looking deep into why some humans are so divine, or so compassionate, can I transform myself, and such pure questioning. Come on, please come and handshake with the spiritual Olympics (figurative), that is upcoming. It is happening all over USA and the whole world at close to 100 locations. This flyer is for Los Angeles. If you are in a different location, call this number and ask for guidance. You might end up attending in your location.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Thunderstorms at Empire State Building; NO MORE Thunderstorms in our LIFE

We know the TRENDING news about Thunderstorms at  Empire State Building, New York City. Do we know anything about the thunderstorms happening in our minds then and there? Let us get rid of it by tuning to right knowledge, tuning to right programs, tuning to the right environment. Let us register for this program happening in Orange County, Southern California. You are lucky if you are in Orange County. You are luckier if you get to attend this program.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016


For those of us who cannot travel places to attend meditation due to traffic , long work hours and other limitations., we can do online meditation every day morning at: 

Are you interested in a wonderful online meditation every day

I have used this very helpful.

Are YOU IN BETWEEN JOBS and do not have medical insurance?


Are YOU IN BETWEEN JOBS and do not have medical insurance? There is SURPRISE AND RELIEF at one go. Please read ON..

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sunday, February 21, 2016

World is DRIVEN BY Dharma and DHARMA only..-GoodBye to Depression

World is DRIVEN BY Dharma and DHARMA only..-GoodBye to Depression
Intelligence Of COSMOS..(Depression and diseases goes off by understanding how the COSMOS operates)
Do you have a testing period in life? Then Read this, recover ..
Cosmos is intelligent in it's own way. Cosmos poses more challenges for those who are riding the HORSE of super consciousness. Whatever so called evil exists in this world from time to time, the VIBRATIONS OF LIVING ENLIGHTENED MASTERS, will always have a lubricating effect, and DHARMA will DRIVE the world.
In this context, let us UNDERSTAND the beauty in which cosmos operates. Standing up after testing period , is REAL SUCCESS. For those who want to LEARN what real SUCCESS means, please understand how Enlightened masters Carry the whole world in the same way, a mother carries the child in the womb.
A mother gets NAUSEA during pregnancy. Still she goes through pregnancy for another child..
Same way even if the children of the world file false cases against them, enlightened Masters continue to serve the world. There were some false cases filed against Nithyananda Swamiji . All those have been proved FALSE, For Details , I will be posting shortly evidences of the compilation of Press Releases, court proceedings and the results confessions from the persons who filed the case.
The below picture is demonstration of reading based on third eye opening, which is made possible by Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji. By attending PROGRAMS conducted by Swamiji, depression and OTHER diseases can be driven away PERMANENTLY. Please visit http://innerawakening.organd http://nithyananda.org to see how you can attend the programs.

The above picture is demonstration of reading based on third eye opening, which is made possible by Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji. By attending PROGRAMS conducted by Swamiji, depression can be driven away PERMANENTLY. Please visit http://innerawakening.org and http://nithyananda.org to see how you can attend the programs.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vegetarian Food is Delicious, and drives away the Depression.

Vegetarian Food driving away DEPRESSIVE thoughts

Vegetarian Food is Delicious, and drives away the Depression. Whenever I enter into a Chinese Restaurant, I always order Rice mixed with slightly stir fried Vegetables.

The beauty of a vegetarian diet is, it always keeps the body light, and trigger thoughts of conduct, and helps us maintain the gracefullness always. By switching to a vegetarian diet, the degree and frequency of depressive episodes can be minimized.

For delicious vegetarian dishes as per the ancient vedic civilization of ancient India, please take a look at the Mahadeva's Bahashastra at www.Nithyananda.org website specifically at  Mahadevas Bhaga Sastra translation
 Mahadeva's Bhaga Sastra (vegetarian recipes)

Let us focus on Global Concerns not JUST ABOUT #NorthKorea

Why at all controversies exist in the political arena, scientific arena or even the religious arena? Don't we all belong to the same breed? Is there not any single platform of education, or single platform of colloborative communication across all nations, across all sciences, across all religions? Do we see any line of sight towards the collective research of scientists of different fields, towards the collective research of politicians from different nations, collective and cooperative conglomeration of all religions? When do we expect this to happen?

Will Allopathy medical systems and Alternative medicine shake hands soon?

How many citizens of the world are interested to answer these questions NOW. RIGHT NOW?

So how about we as citizens of the world stop spending our VALUABLE time on individual news items like what is happening in #NorthKorea,  why is it happening? instead spend MORE and MORE time into the global concerns or concerns of broader nature.

Let us distinguish the areas of life, that is the root cause of controversies. Let news channel discuss more of these going forward.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Let us PRAY, KEEP PRAYING. PRAYER is a science.

Let us PRAY, KEEP PRAYING. PRAYER is a science.

After attending many programs with Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji, I SANG A SONG THAT SOUNDS BETTER THAN THE BEST SINGERS: After attending 21 day residential INNER AWAKENING PROGRAM, I sing my own SONG of Life even better than those for which ‪#‎MichaelJackson‬ was dancing for years. I started three businesses in less than 1 month time, designed cutting edge solutions, developing websites, made new business partners. All because I was praying for years , that I should be providing free services to the needy people. I repeatedly hear this video and thanked God again and again REPEATEDLY....The video link is: Constant Prayer for Enlightenment

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The website that will AIRLIFT to your HIGHER potential

22nd century WEBSITES:

MAY BE YOU CAN GET RID OF YOUR DEPRESSION by avoiding the boredom and
TIREDNESS from your Life.

The website that is behind MANY MANY TREASURES I am holding now:

-The one behind me starting a sole proprietorship company.
-The one that is behind my textbook reading rate- 1 textbook/hour for MS-Management - Enterprenuership
-The one behind the fortune of quitting the MOST SEDENTARY JOB Of the century-IT/Software engineer jobs
-The one behind the fortune of meeting, smart compassionate enterprenuers
-The one that made me understand how a cow feels when calf drinks milk(on the lighter side)