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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spiritual Olympics (figurative) perhaps can drive away your depression.

#‎US‬ Womens' Soccer vs Columbia is OLYMPICS news. Here is our counterpart news. While enjoying Olympics, let us also enjoy Spiritual Olympics.
What do heroes end up gaining during Olympics?. Gold medals.
What do we followers of Nithyananda Swamiji gain after tiny, tiny workshops? Golden experiences, Golden thoughts , Golden feelings.
For me wealth is NOT MONEY alone. Wealth is my awareness to be able to participate in the collective exploration of truth, looking deep into why some humans are so divine, or so compassionate, can I transform myself, and such pure questioning. Come on, please come and handshake with the spiritual Olympics (figurative), that is upcoming. It is happening all over USA and the whole world at close to 100 locations. This flyer is for Los Angeles. If you are in a different location, call this number and ask for guidance. You might end up attending in your location.