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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prevention Of Teenage Depression-Technique 2

By way of exhibiting maturity in parenting teenagers, parents can prevent teenager issues including depression.

The attached audio will explain how a good child and parent relationship will help the children to be successful as an adult. Instead of controlling your children, encourage their independent thinking, teach them wisely why it is important to respect parents and avoid criticising your children especially teenagers. This audio is a narration of my own experience with my daughter

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anxiety at workplace

A company like CISCO offers webinars on Anxiety at workplace focussing on how to handle anxiety in a way to reduce it's impact on work and life.The webinar mentioned a good percentage of employees in a company are having anxiety. Anxiety is closely related to stress picked up over a long time period of time. For people with chronic anxiety, it is absolutely essential to handle it appropriately to be able to perform good if not excellent. The techniques suggested in the Webinar were yoga, meditation, deep breathing (even at workplace). All of us possess certain degree of anxiety at work whether we will be finishing it on time, or our work will be free of errors. For some the degree might be greater, and in the end the anxiety might interfere with the performance.