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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Energy Savers

We get energy from food, sleep, meditation etc. Energy is wasted by entertaining some thought or other constantly. From today, you can discover your own energy savers.

It is good to keep a checkpoint on these aspects on a daily basis.

Am I getting negative thoughts about anything. If yes how often?
Work to identify a positive way of looking at it, be creative, instead of complaining, do something about it so that it is a win-win situation for the parties involved.

Am I living in the present moment? Try to avoid entertaining thoughts while doing something. For example, while driving, do only driving. Do not think. While waiting for someone, enjoy the surroundings. Do not think.

Do yoga and meditation daily. If you have done for 21 days in a row then you are good to go. The habit is already set within you. You don't have to take efforts to maintain it.

By taking care of these, diligently, within a couple of months, you can realise you are able to do more in a day.