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Sunday, March 4, 2012

You are successful!

For those suffering clinical depression since adolescence, the good news is that success will be at your doorstep sooner or later. Probably you have gone through more turbulence, nevertheless profound clarity arrives at the  termination of the turbulence.

Remember, though it appears as if life had been always challenging, it was not. There had been much more instances of pleasant times than you would recall instantly. You had been alert more often than being confused. You had been caught up in negative feelings only in a  small fraction of the time you were awake.

Stop thinking you are negative. Label yourself as positive and keep up to your new labelling!

Abrahom Lincoln

When Abraham Lincoln has been successful amidst the challenges due to his psychiatric problem why not you even if you are a psychiatric patient. Take a look at Lincoln's story.

Farewell to obscessions

Give a farewell to your obscessive thinking by doing yoga and meditation. Substitute your obscessive thinking by "GREAT THINKING" with a open heart. Let your life be a classroom for others. Motivate others to motivate themself.

Farewell to conflicts

Are you intelligent but getting into mental conflicts? There is a way out. Start giving. Use the intelligence to get the whole picture, create and keep creating. Let others use what you create. And see for yourself the conflicts are gone.

Take care of your offspring

Are you concerned you have projected your anxiety to your offspring.
Reverse its effects. Display high self esteem, shift lifestyle away from perfectionism. Trust them, praise them, keep talking about their good attributes more often. See the results for yourself.