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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prevention Of Teenage Depression-Technique 2

By way of exhibiting maturity in parenting teenagers, parents can prevent teenager issues including depression.

The attached audio will explain how a good child and parent relationship will help the children to be successful as an adult. Instead of controlling your children, encourage their independent thinking, teach them wisely why it is important to respect parents and avoid criticising your children especially teenagers. This audio is a narration of my own experience with my daughter

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Introduction to Healing System

Our body has an inherent healing system. Our body strives to achieve equilibrium or a healed state constantly. Disease and illness are only temporary deviations from normalcy. If you see when a burn occurs how healing occurs automatically with skin changing and later becoming normal skin. In the same way, the body can heal itself for anything, provided we help the healing system to do its job. There are certain things like poor eating habits, lack of exercise, negative thinking, drinking less water, overwork lack of enough sleep and rest that hinders the healing system from acting. Negative thinking would include things like worrying, fearing, hating, self pitying and finding fault in others and similar things. Things that aid the healing system to function good are healthy eating habits, good sleep and rest, having alonetime each day, relaxing routine, stretching, exercise, play, connecting with people, good social skills and the like. All you need to do when you are feeling uncomfortable is do the things that will help the healing system, and the rest of recovery will be taken care by the healing system.
I have seen this practically in my life.