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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Introspect and correct.

Most of the issues around us are issues as we perceive them as issues. An issue is not an issue if you look at it at the magic angle. You precisely get to the magic angle as long as you practice positive thinking towards anything and everything and learn the principle of radical acceptance. Unconditional love, creativity and arriving at win-win situations are other things that comes to my mind when it comes to holding on to the magic angle in our day to day life.

Why do a multitude of people survive threats and loss without much consequences whereas another multitude of people fall apart even for the minimal loss or threats? The difference is to do with the magic angle of looking at it. People are biologically different in the way they think and respond to events around them.

For those who are overwhelmed in life , the best way to return to ease is to introspect and observe closely the lessons learnt, be reminded of these lessons in their daily life, and learning not to repeat their earlier mistakes.

Introspection will work best if you are parallelly doing meditation in your daily routine. Changing your habits based on the introspection results would be natural if you are regular in meditation. Introspection can also be done by becoming a good listener. Listen closely to what people who are close to you, like your family members has to comment on your character. Those hidden shortcomings of yours will come to focus and you can start working on them at your ease.