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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Child that is obscessive in nature

Extreme kindness and custom interpretation is required from the parents when it comes to handling a child with obscessions and anxiety. Anxiety and obscessive thinking are handed over from previous generations. It becomes imperative that both parents should understand that the child is obscessive (most likely atleast one of the parents exhibit this trait) and handle the child with extreme kindness, not being harsh with the child even when the child resorts to behavior that is not reasonable. This is a tough thing to practice, but it is worth practicing. It is easy to interpret that child is acting with ego when it is irritable or shouts with a loud voice, but by careful observation of how the child behaves at other times, the parents can easily figure out that the child is not egoistic. For example if a child shouts frequently, but yet cries at other times when parents deny something, it is obvious that the child is not egoistic. Parents should not forget that the child is acting in a way akin to how the parents would react to similar situations. Parents should take into account their own pitfalls, and how they might have inadvertently harmed the child by way of their authoritative and other types of controlling behavior towards the child. This is applicable for an adolescent child as well.

It becomes parents' responsibility to realise their role in generating anxiety in the child, by way of exhibiting anxiety themself. It might be that the obscessive parent had been exhibiting shouting behavior or other expressions of anger towards the child. Parents should take deliberate efforts to mitigate the situation under this circumstance. Parents should accomodate all kinds of unreasonable demands posed by the child and do their best for the welfare of the child.

A child has got risk for anxiety and/or depression if one of the parents had clinical depression. So this child has to be taken care specially considering the risk. Parents should be extremely friendly and should learn to communicate politely at all times.