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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Techniques for healing yourself

Let us identify some easy techniques for being in the present and enrich our life and other's life as well. We can heal ourself from any kind of mental health issues by being in the present. Enjoy this audio that will show you the techniques.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Being in the present helps stop depression

If you are going through chronic mild depression,  then it is quite possible that your self image is not that good. One of the things you can do to stop
depression is working towards improving your self image. You do not have to hardwork to get there. You might be having a self image that is not reflecting really who you are.

Having a self image based on how we react in our current circumstances rather than how we used to react in the past can help us grow fast and excel in whatever we do as well as help us to lead a contented life. By focussing on this one fact, you can completely stop depression from your present life. Listen to this accompanying audio, which illustrates this concept.

For other methods to stop depression, go through the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpiiyaHII3s

Changing belief set to stop depression

To be able to change one's belief set to accomodate the contemporary world can work wonders

You can stop depression by changing your belief set. For example, if your son refuses to go to school and wastes years, you can change your belief set that things are not always the same. It is OK not to be perfect. Or if you are falling sick in a long illness, you can change your belief set, that it is a passing event and there are lot of ways that life will be easy again soon in future.

To be able to stop depression, in a situation where there is a tendency to get depressed is not that hard. It merely needs a change in belief set and attitude change, In general, you can keep practising changing your belief set dynamically then and there so that in adverse conditions, you can adapt your belief set, such that the situation does not bother you.

To be able to stop depression, you should accept things as they are, and be a passive observer of things happening in life without making any judgement.

For more tips on how to stop depression, please go through the video at

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prevention Of Teenage Depression-Technique 2

By way of exhibiting maturity in parenting teenagers, parents can prevent teenager issues including depression.

The attached audio will explain how a good child and parent relationship will help the children to be successful as an adult. Instead of controlling your children, encourage their independent thinking, teach them wisely why it is important to respect parents and avoid criticising your children especially teenagers. This audio is a narration of my own experience with my daughter

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Few things that will make you feel better

If you are a parent of a depressed teenager, please take a look at http://www.redeem-depression.com/2012/12/prevention-of-teenage-depression.html to see how you can mitigate the condition.

If you are a depressed teenager or having any kind of mental illness, and if you are taking psychiatric medications, please have continued follow up with the physician for maintaining good mental health. For details, go through http://www.redeem-depression.com/2010/12/withdrawal-symptoms.html

If you are a depressed teenager, take this quiz at http://www.redeem-depression.com/2010/12/quiz-for-depressed-teenagers.html. This will make you feel better.

Learn how to succeed not feeling bad about your situation by going through the links at:

Find out how you can be happy and content irrespective of the life circumstances,  how you can be happy by accepting things as they are and how to live with imperfections without much disappointment at: http://www.redeem-depression.com/2010/12/teenage-depression-can-cause-serious.html

Please take a look at the video, to get well soon at

Friday, January 11, 2013

How to stop depression

You can stop depression by:

Counting your blessings.
Identifying your strengths
Doing  something for the world..
Being proud of yourself
and making the world be proud of you!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Feel strong!

My story: Sometimes I have perceived myself to be among the weak, Sometimes I had to project myself as weak (to my husband) to protect the teenager child. Today I see myself strong as I am working towards making the"perceived" weak feel strong. And I am stronger than the strong.
Abundance is a state of mind within you. If you just look at "lack," the lack increases in life. See what you have, and then abundance increases.
His Holiness
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 
This is a call for all psychiatric patients to feel strong identifying and complimenting yourself for your own strength.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Honor your spouse

Recognise your spouse is the powerful mentor for you. Listen to his/her comments. Remember they are oppurtunities for you to take note of your shortcomings and work on them, or reminders for you that there are different ways of doing things. You do not develop well when you are always caught up with your own way of thinking and nothing else. When you are open to new ideas, may be good ideas from your spouse, I can assure you can soon grow as a dynamic personality. Compliment your spouse for all the care he or she shows towards you and just for being there in your life. Do not hesitate to say "Thanks", "I love you" or "So nice of you" . I am proud of my husband and honor him by writing this post.

I and my husband below:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ten commandments for the sufferers

Do not let your self esteem dip down
Understand no one else could have harmed you by accepting the fact that someone did their best at that time
Do not blame the circumstances
Forgive and forget
Take things lightly.

Remember the peace should come from within, not from outside
Realise the self in you
Understand you have the capacity to serve the needy
Pray God to give you the cure and energy to serve others

Love yourself
See the good in others and you
Do not forget the love of others around you
Do the things you liked to do as a child

Smell the things you liked to do as a child
Hear the music you liked to hear as a child
Do all of this and verify you got peace!